2017 Salt Fork River Art & Music Festival Artists

Poet James Escher
Poems written on demand

Kristin Diehl
Blind Contour Drawings: I look at my subject and draw their face with a single line, not looking at the paper until it’s finished. The result is a funky portrait in about 30 seconds.

Laila Korn, Stylish Girl Jewelry
Crochet, metal and gemstone collections begin with various precious and non-precious metals and gemstones and mix crochet, wire wrapping, and metalwork techniques to create unique vintage-inspired but easily wearable jewelry.

Scott Sternberg
Scott is primarily a self-taught fine art photographic artist. He is a regular exhibitor at art shows through out the Mid-West. He has always been fascinated by the subtleties of light and the intricacies of shadow and while he explores the many facets of photography and subject matter, he always seems to return to Landscape, Nature and Rural settings. For him photography is a journey with no conceivable end.

Jill Scales, Daisy Bags
Custom made handbags and accessories. I create the original design, cut fabrics, personally sew and stitch details on my one-of-a-kind bags.

Retta Henschel – I Do Windows
Salvaged Antique dishes, bottles, silver flatware uniquely combined with contemporary stained glass.

Carolina Rodriguez
Hand-painted boxes,  jewelry from recycled material and silk screen prints

Elise Keeling
Jewelry made from found objects

Gary Keeler, Turn of the Century Woodworking
Custom designed furniture and other functional wood art.

Kirsten Elizabeth Gilmore
Original fluid acrylic paintings on canvas and on wood, and printed cards

Kate Strong
Stylish handmade polar fleece hats for women and kids.
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Kim Caisse
Shadow boxes with ceramic figures, paint, and found objects, and ceramic jewelry.

Suzanne Berkes
Architectural brick figurative sculptures and raku relief tile

Luanne Freed
Vibrant mixed-media collages contrasting splashes of color with the incorporation of found metal goodies, ephemera, and all things rusty. Recycled fibers and aluminum, funky text, and hammered nails all mounted on curbside wood completes these original creations.

Bob King
Recreations of traditional Hex signs and Barn quilts on salvaged wood from Illinois

Tedra Ashley-W
I make hand-forged (hammered) sterling silver jewelry in a rugged, unisex style.

Lydia Puddicombe
I create Woodcut Illustrations by hand-carving a wood composite and applying a combination of acrylic paint and colored pencil.

Jenny Trimmell – Cranberry Square
Uniquely designed jewelry using vintage buttons, vintage watch cases, and vintage silverware

Lara Orr, Same Street Textiles
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Joan Jach, Old Town Flowers
I’m a farmer florist and part-time herbalist. Growing flowers and herbs to use in my creations is my joy and passion! I also keep bees on my micro-urban farm and sometimes have enough honey to sell. The wax from my bees goes into my handcrafted beauty products.
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Piper Pottery

Stoneware pottery for the home and garden in a modern yet rustic style, with clean lines and nature-inspired designs. Using both wheel thrown and hand built techniques, we specialize in creating unique miniature pieces for use in the home and garden.

Kelly Hieronymous
Colorful artwork inspired by birds eye view of Central Illinois

Steph Davies, Dear Darlington
Original ink illustrations on wood & hand-stamped and etched brass jewelry created from original illustrations.

Hooey Batiks
Hand-dyed batik and shibori clothing, scarves and pillows

Cindy Sampson, Sampson N Delilah
I translate the world’s beauty, intrigue, and tragedy into art made from recycled materials, eco dying, oil and acrylic paint, and a variety of layering techniques.

Phil Strang
I paint on glass and canvas and I make cards and prints from my paintings

Amy Butts – Ladysmith Jewelry Studio

Laura Kochevar, Felt Inspired
Felt Inspired offers contemporary handcrafted scarves, wraps and vests, individually made by felting,  shibori dyeing and/or sunprinting.  A variety of handcrafted pins and necklaces are also available to complement the garments.

Sarah Proietti
I work with vinyl records and canvas to create fluid acrylic paintings. The multimedia abstract paintings have many colors flowing through each other creating a peaceful atmosphere.

The Quirky Quiltress
Handmade quilted home decor, bedding, housewares, and baby gifts out of unexpected, or “quirky” prints and patterns.
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Rebecca Schoell, Started With a Stone
Handcrafted jewelry to help you unearth the world of stones.

Melissa Turner, Melissa’s Monsters
Monster plush dolls. Most often from recycled clothing
but some new materials as well.

June Volkening
Functional pottery, plates, bowls, cups

Athan Chilton, Firefly Designs
Beaded jewelry and leather bags/art

Cydne LaBonte
My sculptural forms are made chiefly from rope using a non-traditional sewing machine method. Along with the rope I may include yarn, string, various threads and fibers, paint, dye, wire, paper, and/or wood branches. The result may be useful, such as a bowl, basket, or handbag. Sometimes it is a purely artful piece for display on the wall , table, or shelf.

Michael Hannah Pottery
Handmade, functional pottery, designed to imbue everyday tasks with beauty and wonder
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Wild Botanicals
Skincare / Bath and Body – Soap, Balms, Lotion, Creams, Women / Men Skincare

Kirk Hile
Art glass panels

Douglas Bauling
Turned wood: bowls, platters, boxes, vases, and pens

Mary Beth Willems, Mary Beth’s Articulture
Nature inspired jewelry made from glass, metal, wire and real stone

Cowdog Strong
Hand stamped jewelry and other metal items and upcycled metalwork as 3D art
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The Yankee Doodler
Orginal Zentangle art

Robert Hartman
The Old Wood Guy makes home decor from barn wood and aged wood. All pieces are handmade and one-of-a-kind.

Smiling Snake Shirt Co
T-shirts drawn from nature and screened by hand

Chickadee Way
Hand-sewn pet collars

Lori Huddleston
Beaded Embroidered and Semi Precious Stone jewelry

Gettleman Pens & Things
Hand-turned wood, acrylic, and deer antler

The Wright Soapery
Premium palm free artisan soap
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NORDEN with ‘pipapo’
Carved birch jewelry in form of earrings, pins, rings, brooches and necklaces. All items are made + hand painted by our design team in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois.

Casey Lowry
Encaustic painting on wood. My work is inspired by the natural world that surrounds us all everyday.

separatorLeslie A. Woodrum
Photographic Art featuring scenes from Illinois, Indiana, and National Parks around the US
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separator3 Penny Studio
mixed media & textile art

separatorHugh Bridgeford
Decorative handmade ceramic moonshine jugs
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Jacqui Worden – Earthstar Creations
Handbuilt and thrown pottery including porcelain bowls with carving. Porcelain brooches and pendants. Linoleum block prints, watercolor paintings, and mixed media.

separatorSarah Coulter – C2Creations
“LOOMINATE YOUR STYLE” I love the challenge of taking traditional weaving and metalsmith methods to create modern pieces, bringing and old art to the modern world. My woven pieces range from colorful woven guitar and camera straps to framed decor, using my 4 harness floor loom. I also, take handwoven fibers and combine them with my hand-cut metals to create a fun new twist within my jewelry.

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Heidi Godley, Godley Creations
hand made jewelry, steampunk

separatorVeronica Severini
fine art prints, cards, paintings and embroidery


Lisa Kesler
Original linocut and letterpress prints and cards

separatorRick Decorie
Rural photography – framed prints of old barns and cribs. Most of them are in Illinois, with a few from Indiana. The images are meant to remind us of our agricultural past, and the once grand structures that once housed farm equipment and animals.

separatorHooked on Wool Primitives
Needle Felted wool 3D figures of all sizes

separatorJane Holtz
Printed, painted, manipulated plastic using color and organic shapes

Tampered With Design
We love expressing our creativity with our hands and crafting concrete products. We turn simple forms into artistic, yet functional products people can enjoy with others.

separatorDaniel and Jenell Moore
Wooden Birdhouses
1 Jake Lockard and Chris Lockard
2 Wild Botanicals
3 Les Woodrum
4 Mary Beth Willems
5 Rebecca Schoell, Started with a Stone
6 Sarah Coulter, C2Creations
7 Jacqueline Worden
8 Steph Davies
9 Sarah Proietti
10 Cindy Sampson and Phil Strang
11 Scott Sternberg
12 Veronica Severini
13 Lori Huddleston
14 Hugh Bridgeford
15 Amy Butts
16 Retta Hentschel
17 Jill Scales
18 Hooey Batiks
20 Robert Hartman

21 Kirk Hile
22 Linda Shumaker
23 Michael Hannah
24 Heidi Godley
25 Gettleman Pens
26 Anna Gutsch and Jackie Wright
27 Rick Decorie
28 Hooked on Wool
29 Cowdog Strong
30 Daniel Moore
31 Kate Strong
32 Kim Caisse
34 Melissa Turner
35 Gary Keeler and Kirsten Gilmore

p1 Lisa Kesler
p2 Laura Kochevar
p3 Piper Pottery and Sunshine Design
p4 Lara Jobe and Old Town Flowers
p5 Matt Rymer
p6 Laila Korn
p7 Cydne LaBonte
p8 Douglas Bauling
p9 Carolina Rodriguez
p10 Jenny Trimmel
p11 Gaye Grant
p12 Elise Keeling
p13 Casey Lowry
p14 Suzanne Berks and Luanne Freed
p15 June Volkening
p16 Jane Holtz
p17 Athan Chilton
p18 The Quirky Quiltress
p19 Lydia Puddicombe and Tedra Asley-W
p20 Bob King